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"In the studio, Luizinho Mazzei is an amazing producer and sound engineer, helping artists create better versions of themselves musically. His recording is impeccable and his mixes is exciting. This is a very rare ability that puts Luiz at the top of the field, in my opinion. Unlike many other engineers, he not only knows analog and digital technology, but also music theory as a multi-instrumentalist, making him the most desirable professional in Brazil today".


"Kadu Melo", F.O.H. Engineer at Fábio Jr and Sales Engineer at SHURE WDC.




"Mazzei is an extraordinary professional. Due to his artistic talent, and musical knowledge, he has the ability to work with every kind of music. He is a musical engineering artist by profession, but is also a multi-instrumentalist, which gives him an unparalleled knowledge of many instruments and sounds, unlike any other engineer I have worked with. His in depth knowledge of equipment ranging from the earliest analog to the latest digital allows him to seamlessly work through different projects. It is not a coincidence that Luizinho Mazzei has multiple Latin Grammy nominations, and had been personally chosen to be the main sound engineer by brazilian musical icons".


"Ricardo Chantily Novaes", Manager in brazilian singer, Armandinho.





"I have known Luiz’s work for many years, as he is considered one of the most accomplished engineers in Brazil. I view Luizinho Mazzei as an elite professional who is way above the other top engineers in the field. He has a fantastic ear, being able to detect exactly where each sound is coming from in a recording, and how to handle it artistically. If one instrument out of 10 is out of tune in a recording, he will point out exactly which one it is in a heartbeat, a unique ability even among sound engineers. His posture in the studio is reassuring and professional. The studio seems smaller when he is working due to his control over every compressor, pre-amp and console. His knowledge and experience are reflected in the unmatched quality of his recordings and mixing, and it is no coincidence that he has received prestigious awards and Grammy nominations, placing him among the best engineers here nowadays".


"Fadel Dabien", Musician, Producer and Engineer




"Most recently, I have heard Mazzei’s work this year as a main mixing engineer and was very impressed by his work. He is without a doubt a way above the any other music sound professional in Brazil. His mixing is always at a perfect volume, not hard on the ear, and without losing any details – a rare find in Brazil’s sound world. The EQ is always exactly how it should be. He is renowned in the industry in possession of a rare musical artistry and sensibility that allows him to augment every detail of every song, like no other. It is no surprise that the top music companies, have all selected him to be the main sound engineer for their acclaimed artists".


"José Pereira Anselmo Jr. (Pauiista)", Vice President AES Brazil




"Luizinho Mazzei is not only an exceptional and unparalleled artist. Over the years I was exposed to his other works as the main sound and mixing engineer with the best and most successful musical icons in Brazil. I am a huge fan of his work. I could only say I wish that every professional had the combination of talent, achievements, experience, professionalism and love for their work as Luizinho Mazzei does".


"Paulinho Fonseca", Multi Latin Grammy Nominee, Music Producer, Drummer and Brazilian Rock band, Jota Quest




"Luizinho Mazzei exemplifies a true balance between a sound engineer and an artist. Mazzei always goes the extra mile to make sure he delivers the best work possible, and will not rest until he has done so. He becomes extremely invested in every project he takes on, yet never over steps his boundaries, always creating a comfortable work dynamic with his clients. Furthermore, Mazzei has years of experience in multiple genres and areas. He has worked with many of the world's biggest icons, and yet always manages to approach each project with humility and an open mind. I have had the privilege of working with many world class engineers, but Luizinho Mazzei is always my first choice". 


"Kiko Freiberg", Singer and guitar player at Added Color

Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer
Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer
Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer
Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer
Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer
Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer
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