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Online Mixing

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ONLINE MIXING is relevant to the mixing stage in projects where the attendance of the artist or producer is not required or not possible.


ONLINE MIXING makes it possible for Mazzei to work with people who are not able to be physically present during the mixing process. 


This is a great asset for projects that have lower budgets that may not include financing of travel expenses and studio time for the mixing stage. 


ONLINE MIXING is the perfect choice for clients that prefer to work with speed and convenience, without losing quality in the results of their projects.


To use this service, it is necessary that the client send in the material electronically, prior to the date arranged for the mixing to begin. 


During the stages of the mixing process, the material is sent in high resolution and with total security, through a link or through our virtual disk.


The material being approved by the client, artist or artistic producer, we will send the final files in DDP (Disc Description Protocol).


This assures proper continuity to the project and allows the client to be involved the whole time. Once the final audio is approved, the client receives the master file contains all versions mixes.


For general information, requesting quotes, scheduling, questions or suggestions, please contact Mazzei via e-mail.


“Mixing in my own studio is a great advantage, since it allows me to work with comfort and tranquility. It allows me to accommodate to all my clients, offering them the ideal conditions to achieve the highest quality in the final mixes. It also allows me to really polish my work, since I can create my own schedule.”

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