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Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer



Have you chosen the engineer that will record your next hit?


How about an engineer that is experienced, attentive, meticulous, and that worries about every aspect of recording on both the artistic and technical side?



A professional that will listen closely to pre-production, so that he can debate the artistic concept of the album with the producer, and based on that, make decisions such as what the best studio is for the project, rooms, microphones, pre-amps, equalizers, compressors, and all the magic that goes into recording an album?



Mazzei has all these intangible qualities as a professional, having been part of world-renowned projects, and also working as a musical producer. Mazzei’s passion for his work is what makes him pay attention to every single detail that goes into recording, capturing and bringing all the best moments that happen in a recording studio to life. 



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