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Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer

Music Production


Mazzei believes that today’s music industry is a more demanding one, and requires much more from its professionals. This has driven many successful engineers to also become great producers.


In this case, knowledge relating to each step of the process of creating an album, and ensuring that these steps are realized successfully is crucial. These steps include selecting a good repertoire, fixing lyrics, creating arrangements, pre production, and even recording rehearsals.


This careful attention to every step is crucial to set the stage for the moment in which artists enter the recording studio, giving them the confidence and tranquility necessary to express their creative side to the fullest. Every step prior to the mix (tuning, drum microphoning, voice tracking, digital editing, etc.) receives special attention so that when the project gets to the mixing stage, the songs sound almost ready.


This allows the mix to be handled tastefully and artistically to enhance what already sounds good, as opposed to being used to fix errors committed in the recording process. 


Mazzei gives his clients the option of receiving their final mixes in stem format, making it possible for the mastering sessions to be worked on in separate groups. In this case, harmonic and rhythmic sections can be handled separately during the mastering process. In the case of a live session, stem format allows the mastering engineer to handle each instrument separately.  

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