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Luizinho Mazzei - Mixing Engineer / Online Mixing Engineer

Live Mixing


Mazzei mixes live shows since 1997. This audio professional traveled more than 25 countries doing victorious big tours, including festivals like Rock in Rio, Montreux Jazz Festival, JVC Jazz Festival, Brazilian Day New York, Viña del Mar Festival and others.



Participating in international tours with artists the TerraSamba, Araketu, Daniela Mercury, Jota Quest, Maurício Manieri, NX Zero, Capital Inicial, Concrete Blonde and Added Color.



Mazzei has the knowledge and technical and musical skills to operate analog and digital consoles, monitor mixing or mixing FOH.



Actually he is the front of house of Capital Inicial band, that makes an average of 8 shows per month, playing in all the major music festivals in Brazil, with the largest structure in the Brazil rock shows.


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