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Where are you located?


Our studio stay in the citiy o Sao Paulo-Brazil, ready to attend customers worldwide any time, with our mixes online.



May we attend mixing sessions at your studio?


No. In case the client would like to be present during the mixing process, we can work from a studio recommend by us, or that the client choses anywhere in the world. For more details about being present during the mixing process, please e-mail us.



What is the delivery time for an online mix?


It depends on the project and our agenda. We usually deliver a single in 1 to 3 days. A project with 12 tracks, is usually delivered in 15 to18 days. Please note that these delivery timeframes apply to projects that are already edited and tuned, and need mixing only. For details on our editing and tuning services, please e-mail us.



How can I be sure that my mixes will turn out the way I want them?


To begin with, I guarantee my work. But in order for us to achieve a victorious result, we need your instructions on what you want and expect from your music. This communication is extremely necessary and important!

Once I post the first mix of a song, you will have 3 days to download and listen to the song, and then get back to me with any necessary changes.  All of my equipment is completely recallable so I can pull your mixes back up and make even the smallest changes accurately.

In addition, I understand that I am not always the perfect guy to mix every song out there.  If you send me files and I feel that you will not be happy with what I am able to do with mixing them for any reason,

I will send them back and refund your money immediately.

I pride myself heavily in a great reputation and happy clients.

Do you take on every project that comes to you?


No.  I am a big believer in doing what you are best at.  If I feel for any reason that I am not the right guy for the job, I will let you know right away, and refund any money you have paid me.  I do not run a mixing factory, and any project I take on will be given the time, attention, care, and consideration it deserves.


Are you a mastering studio as well?


Yes! As the music market is constantly transition, we have decided to offer this type of service to all our customers. Contact us for more information.


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